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  • What To Expect On Your Packrafting Tour
    Ninilchik Packraft Company LLC offers privately guided (2 clients max) tours. Each trip begins with a safety orientation and paddling practice to prepare you for your trip! Once your safety orientation is complete, its time to pack up your gear (and packraft) and head to your put in location. Depending on your tour selection, you may begin with a short hike to the river through the lowland forests of the Kenai Peninsula or you may drive directly to your river put in. After arriving at the river, you will don your safety equipment (Dry suit and PFD) and inflate your packraft. Your guide will ensure you have all the knowledge necessary to operate your packraft and safety equipment. Always follow the instructions of your guide. Once you are ready, you will begin the packrafting portion of your trip. Enjoy looking for moose browsing on river bar willows and watch bald eagles as they look for their next salmon dinner while floating down the winding watercourses of the the Lower Kenai Peninsula. These rivers are generally class I-II and are well suited for beginner paddlers. Upon arriving at the tidewater river mouth, you will roll up your packraft and change out of your drysuit. Depending on your tour selection, this may be the end of your trip, or you may have a short hike down the beaches of the Cook Inlet to your destination! Pro Move - Be sure to tip your guide at the end of your trip. Customary gratuities for private trips start at 20% of your trip pricing
  • What is Packrafting?
    Packrafting is a hobby for some and a mode of wilderness transportation for others. Packrafts are lightweight (~5 lbs) personal rafts that are designed to be packed away in your backpack while you hike, and then inflated when you reach a water source that can act as a wilderness highway for traveling. Packrafts are sturdy, stable and forgiving watercraft that can handle up to class III whitewater with relative ease. Be careful though! Packrafting has inherent risks and it is always best to hire a guide or take a safety and instruction class before heading to the river so you fully understand the safety considerations and limitations of these lightweight rafts. Ninichik Packraft Company LLC uses Alpacka brand packrafts. Alpacka Packrafts are industry leading in both design innovations and material selection.
  • What Should I Bring For My Packraft Tour?
    Ninilchik Packraft Company LLC will provide you with a packraft, paddle, personal flotation device (PFD), dry suit and backpack. You need to bring the following items: 1) Warm, non cotton layers (long underwear, fleece, puffy, etc.) - Pro Tip: Bring a top insulating layer to wear under your dry suit that does not have a hood. Hoods get caught in the neck seal of your dry suit and will be uncomfortable 2) Sunglasses 3) Full Water Bottle (minimum 16 fl. oz.) 4) Closed toe river shoes to wear over your dry suit (NO Croc or Croc-style Shoes!) - Pro Tip: Old tennis shoes make the best river shoes! 5) Close toe shoes you can hike in 6) Camera 7) Snack - Your trip will be about 4 hours and include physical exertion. Keep yourself fueled!
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