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Packraft Tours

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If you enjoy having unique and exciting experiences outdoors, our Deep Creek Packraft Tour is the perfect choice for you! Whether traveling alone or with family, this trip is sure to make the highlight real of your weekend getaway or once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan Vacation! Tours accommodate up to two guest to provide an exclusive, privately guided experience. 

The Deep Creek Packraft Tour begins with meeting your packraft guide in the Historic Ninilchik Village and getting outfitted with the proper equipment. Then its off for a short drive to the trailhead where you will begin hiking (1/2 mile) through mixed lowland forest to your put-in location! Catching glimpses of local wildlife such as spruce grouse, snowshoe hare, moose and even occasionally a black bear! Listen to the abundant songbirds and take in the fresh air as it rustles through the spruce trees on your way to the creek.

Upon arriving at the shores of Deep Creek, you will inflate your packraft with the instruction of your guide and receive a briefing on packrafting basics and safety before you shove off! The winding course of Deep Creek presents longer stretches of Class I (beginner) water and short stretches of Class II (guided beginner) water. Timid paddlers can portage around these short stretches if it exceeds their comfortability level. More adventurous paddlers may choose to re-run these short bumpy stretches with fun splashes! 


Following the course of Deep Creek, keep your eyes pealed for the playful river otters,  majestic bald eagles, regal moose and even the mighty king salmon as they prepare to spawn in the slow moving pools. As you near the terminus of Deep Creek, the current slows and you will pull your packraft out where it flows into the Cook Inlet. 

Your Deep Creek Packraft Tour crescendos with a 3/4 mile walk along the beaches of the Cook Inlet. This portion of your packrafting adventure can include an ecology tour of the unique Cook Inlet ecosystem if requested of your guide. Sea otters, seals, sockeye salmon, bald eagles and occasionally dall's and harbor porpoises can be seen as you explore where the Kenai Peninsula meets the ocean! 

Your Tour will conclude in the historic Ninilchik Village in Ninilchik Alaska where you can explore the harbor, gift shop and the Ninilchik River. 

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